Wednesday, December 26, 2007

tech term -dec 25th


Shockwave like Flash, displays graphical content on web and allows user interaction. But unlike Flash, Shockwave displays 3d images also. The user interaction involves moving the camera angle and position, zooming, etc. The 3d image is transferred from server to the client. Remaining user interaction actions are executed in the client itself thus increasing speed and efficiency. Shockwave content is created as follows.
3d content is created using any related software. The image is imported into Director for shockwave software, and user interaction features are added. The output file is transmitted from the server.

tech term -dec 24th

wimax combines the speed of broadband network connection and the portability of WiFi.
WiMax concept is like the mobile technology. Towers, covering wide area, transmit signal and data. Each tower can transmit signal within 3000 miles radius. The person carrying laptop can connect to internet from car, coffee shop, virtually anywhere.